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Getting a cancer diagnosis, such as breast cancer, mesothelioma or lymphoma can often feel like a death sentence for many people. Cancer in the body can be incredibly deadly even with treatment, but you don’t have to feel like you don’t have any control over yourself after a cancer diagnosis. In fact, exercising and general fitness can help relieve many of the mental and physical symptoms of your cancer.

Exercise and fitness before a cancer diagnosis may actually help stop that diagnosis from occurring. Dr. Kerry Courneya, a professor at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, reports that increased physical activity is linked with a reduced risk of cancer recurrence. Courneya also states that it has been shown to give cancer patients “…longer survival after a cancer diagnosis.”

Science Daily” reports on a major breakthrough in understanding the benefits of exercise for breast cancer patients. Breast cancer patients were often encouraged to avoid exercising, as it was believed this could be harmful to the patient. However, Doctor Jane Armer of the Sinclair School of Nursing reports that this is not true.

“Exercise can be beneficial and not harmful for breast cancer survivors,” she stated, claiming that individuals should “balance the pros and cons” of exercise with their doctor. She encourages breast cancer patients to avoid being sedentary as this has “risks” that could contribute to a worsening cancer condition.

One major down turn that occurs after a cancer diagnosis is an increased risk of depression, or the feeling that your life has been taken out of your hands. However, exercise has been shown to help with this problem. According to several research studies, exercise has been shown to decrease fatigue in cancer patients and survivors, decrease depression, make a person more satisfied with their life and help them feel more in control of their lives.

There are several different causes of the benefits. The first is that exercise causes better oxygen and blood flow, helping to activate areas of the body and increase energy levels as it increases the metabolism rate. Exercise also releases endorphins, which brings pleasure to the brain.

There are obviously many benefits to exercise and wellbeing after you have received your cancer diagnosis. Never use exercise as the only treatment for cancer. Instead, make yourself feel less depressed, more energized and ready to deal with your diagnosis.


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