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So, it’s done. Final edits are with the publisher. Bio and pic sent. Reader’s list completed. I’m not sure how I feel.

My story will now be immortalized yet again, in a public format (see http://www.wrongwaytohope.com for my first) along with 20 co-authors. There’s something big about sharing my life with the world; with all of you. Something so final about letting go of the old. It’s very exciting! The timing couldn’t be better either – 15 days into 2016 is the book launch (I’d love for you to join me – message me for a discount).

HEARTMIND_WISDOM_3_Book_Launch_Mercy_Ships_Fundraiser_M_grande.png  Please share this far and wide, and better yet, purchase a copy before I even have one in my hands. Visit this link for a few options to purchase. You can even get all three collections for an amazing deal! 

There’s also something pretty exciting that you won’t get to see until you get a copy of the book!

Spontaneity is the exquisite expression of the unexpected. 


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